Saturday, April 16, 2011

So I have been a big fan of the Tron Universe (The Grid?) for a looooong time and I have always wondered why whenever someone makes a game about it, all it focuses on are the games and not any of the storyline which could be between the chapters. With this in mind, I'd like to start something akin to a brainstorm about a Tron MMORPG. This would be interesting due to the grid only having two registered users, Flynn and Sam. This leaves open two avenues of development, either the players are programs or isomorphic algorithms (ISOs) or it takes place years after when Sam has opened up the grid to more users, either through a better teleportation method or through a traditional MMO screen but with the player controlling it through it. If the first is true, then if you derezz (die.) then your character would remain dead unless it is backed up somehow (possibilities?). If the second is true, the player is not connected and it is his avatar which derezzes and so can be rezzed if need be. This would create an interesting plot hook since the programs/isos themselves cannot be rezzed, but the player characters can be.

You also run into a bit of a problem with the source material because in Tron: Betrayal, the Sea of Simulation (where the ISOs actually come out of) gets poisoned at the end, so the possibility of more ISOs by that method is null. If this happens before the ISO insurrection and annihilation then it might work given the large number who were killed off. This would also lead to an interesting point where anyone playing as an ISO would be killed in the storyline since the only remaining one is of course Olivia Wilde's Quora.

Another interesting idea is instead of going the MMO path would be to go for either a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) or a tabletop RPG akin to Dungeons and Dragons, etc. With a MUD you would have a computer interface and would definitely have massive geek cred, but the TTRPG would be able to be expanded and the rules worked on to better work out the kinks before we even try launching it on computers.

Also: Name Possibilities?
- Tron: Insurrection (too much like Alien)
- Tron: Redemption
- Tron: Genesis
- The Grid