Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Midwinter's Afternoon's Blog

I love the weather during winter. With the visions of clouds racing across the sky to the chill of wind blowing across my nose I remember places I have been. The winter in Tucson brings dry cloudless nights punctuated by floodwater conditions and lightning storms. In Medina winter is a mix of dreary overcast with snowless ground and bright sunshine reflected by a blanket of white. Laguna seems to lack winter, with it's only showing being the sweater clad students waiting for the bus to ride to school admiring the light frost from freshly watered grass the night before.

These people who fear the winter and hide behind cloth and cover as if it were arctic conditions (Medina, of course, is the exception...) have always perplexed me. Being one who loves the feeling of chill down the spine and one who hates the feeling and smell of a room or car heated upwards of ninety degrees I love to watch people stare as I walk around in shorts and a tee shirt enjoying the morning air.